Happy Customers

  • Jessica took a bare bones concept and turned it into a brilliant minute and a half of video that does more than look pretty on my site. It sells product. I couldn’t be happier.

    http://www.facebook.com/CDReiss.writerCD Reiss - USA Today Bestselling author of erotic romance and erotic suspense.

  • “Bern This developed and produced a video for us (FamilyViewed.com). The end result exceeded my expectations. Bern This was great to work with! They are funny, creative, and expect perfection. We explained what we were looking for, they pitched ideas back to us, we decided on a concept, and they ran with it. I look forward to working with them again.”Michele Knowlton, Family Viewed
  • “The notion of using comedy to promote interest in, and a better understanding of the work of an international relief organization is not really an everyday, usual part of our business. And using a series of short, online comedy videos with regularly appearing characters and themes to provide a context where we highlight our work is even less a usual part of our business. But the very smart, and very funny team at Bern This knew that comedy and online social media and careful messaging could reach audiences an international relief organization only ever sees at times of high visibility natural disasters. And working with Bern This – through creative notions, copy writing, editing and their operational expertise to make it all real was unexpectedly easy and successful. I couldn’t more highly recommend them. And there is the bonus of laughter over ideas and scenes that will never make it into the actual videos.”Lee Weiner, AmeriCares
  • Jessica Bern is an extremely entertaining and interactive speaker that brought life to our early morning event. She had us furiously taking notes on her informative takeaways and rolling with laughter at her hilarious stories and case studies. She’s a one woman act and an audience favorite and would be an excellent choice for future speaking gigs. We will definitely be having her back to speak again and have nothing but positive things to say about Bern This and their ability to bring humor into the market to perfectly reach female audiences.Jessica Springer | Allied-THA|
  • Jessica Bern is an all-star speaker! Her presentation on how to market towards women online was engaging, informative and delivered in a manner that was so entertaining, it made our entire audience LOL… literally! She gave useful tips and was able to bring vibrancy and energy to our 7:30am breakfast meetup. She comes with our highest recommendation and we look forward to having her back.Justin Michael Williams
  • “Jessica  provided invaluable insights into staging to scripting to lighting for my book trailer. The help was well worth the investment for the skills learned that I will use over and over.”Lela Davidson, author, “Blacklisted from the PTA.”
  • “I’m a huge Jessica Bern fan! Jessica has been an important member of my album release team, bringing my songs to life with her unique brand of kinetic videography, and creating an immediately identifiable YouTube brand for me – one that’s fun, and both artistically and intellectually satisfying. People may have different opinions about my music, but everyone agreed the videos were excellent!”Michael Foreman, Music Producer/writer/singer”