1. Summer

    Hey Jessica,

    I just wanted to say how great it was to meet you at BlogHer over the weekend. I’ve been a fan of your blog since I found out about it at the 2009 BlogHer and I am so glad Cat introduced us. If you don’t remember me, I am the moron who busted her ankle on her birthday and was in a wheel chair in the lobby bar that night (drinking my sorrows away).


    Just wanted to say that it was nice to meet you.


  2. K a b l o o e y

    Oh, man. Now I’m jealous. Why didn’t I think of hiring you as my Jewish Life Coach when I took the quiz that propelled Connie to seek your council. Because I’m in more desperate shape, given that Connie’s trying to join the fold, whereas I’m considering a defection. (Man, that word makes me think of poo.) Anyway, I too need help. Do you have the cell phone numbers of Alan Deshowitz and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach? Because I know you guys all know each other…
    thanks. and shalom,

  3. Daisy

    Jackson Pollock painted in acrylic enamels, not watercolors.

  4. John

    I’m pretty sure I just saw you on an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. How did that role come about?

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