I Really Thought this was “The One”…

So I”m driving on a major thoroughfare and I stop at a red light. In the car next to me, is some guy at the wheel and in the backseat was this huge, adorable Goldendoodle with his big head sticking out the window, breathing in the polluted Los Angeles air like a teenager sniffing fumes from a paint can. So touching, so touching.

Anyway, I roll down my passenger side window and started yelling out to the dog in this nauseating baby voice, “Hey there buddy! What’s up?! How are you? Hey baby! Next thing I know, the driver of the car, whose window is also rolled down, turns his face towards me, points his finger at his chest and mouths the word “me?”. As in, “are you asking me how I am? Are you calling me “Baby” and “buddy”?

So I played along and with a big smile on my face said to him, ‘Yes, you!” and then I made the universal hand sign for a phone and mouthed the words, “Call me”.

Then the light turned green and we both sped away.

Never did hear from the guy. So L.A. Whatever.

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One Response to “I Really Thought this was “The One”…”

  1. Susan says:

    If only men were as well bred and behaved as Goldendoodles…

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