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Two Twenty Year-Olds Full of Hope? Meet Heather McDonald.

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Funny Person Being Serious

I’ve been divorced almost nine years. I’ve gone from mothering a toddler all on my own to parenting an almost ten year old girl, who thank God, is incredibly Zen and self sufficient.

I have also morphed from a lost, frightened, angry and bitter woman/child with no career and no clue how to remedy that to a full grown adult who now runs her own business, goes to an office everyday and knows inside and out that she can survive almost anything.

In between these two stages, I created BernThis and have been posting anecdotes and video stories about my life in a voice that has always been true to who I was and who I’ve been.

The problem is, these last few months, as I work tirelessly to grow my company, Two Funny Brains, into THE go to place for brands looking to connect with women online and via mobile, I too have grown, again. In the last 6 months alone, I have gone from being convinced that I was too stupid, too “young”, too utterly incapable of being a success in the business world to believing that Two Funny Brains can be the company that I want it to be because I now believe that I have the intelligence, the maturity and the capability to make that happen.

However, what all this also means is that the “voice” I’ve been using to express myself over these last five plus years is also evolving, but into what, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s just a faze, could very well be or it’s a huge shift inside of me that wants to challenge my voice to express itself in a style that is new and different and yet a perfect match to who I have become.

I don’t have any definitive answers as of today but I do have a willingness to explore other writing styles. Will the words still reflect the core of who I am? The person you have come to know and read every now again or turn to in those moments when you need to be reminded that there is at least one person in the world with a shittier social life than your own? Yes. That, will not change and by that I mean the core of me and my crappy social life. Promise.

So, please, if you will, bear with me, while I am out there exploring but also know that, in whatever form it takes, BernThis is here to stay.

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